Revealing human excellence.

To become and to remain successful as a company, starts with the quality of people. This is why we, with our executive search and interim management services, always put people first. People who belong to the best within Sales, Marketing, and Digital, or who are heading towards top level.

"We discover people that others cannot find, we recognise talents that others do not see."

DOMINIQUE DIERCKXSENS, Founder Batenborch International

Most recruiters are primarily concerned with themselves. They do not or hardly explore the candidate. They just want to ‘score’. This is why Batenborch was once founded. We focus on the person, the candidate, the professional in front of us. For the full 100%. What are your desires, dreams, and ambitions? What is your motivation? How do you want to develop yourself? What does happiness mean to you? We listen and we keep on asking questions, until we know what we want to know. Our interviews often develop into ‘experiences’.

We build on a durable relation because we want to stay in touch with people. This has given us a network that we are proud of. Next to that, we continuously pro-actively approach people we do now know yet. We discover people that others cannot find. Especially when it comes to sales, marketing, and digital. That’s where our specialism is at.

At Batenborch, we think in the long term. We do not believe in quick wins. We help companies in achieving a higher commercial result. Sometimes we even pro-actively introduce people, pareto candidates, that can really make the difference. People who only want to be mediated by us, because we have known them for so long. We are ‘career enhancers’!

And where is it heading towards?
Technology develops quickly. Many jobs disappear or drastically change. What competences will be necessary in the future? That is what we are concerned about. We want to be a knowledge centre, a think tank for companies and for industries. In which people are always put first. That will never change at Batenborch.

Our DNA.

Passion to perform

We are driven. We keep on going until we can deliver. We perform to realise what we promise.


We think like entrepreneurs. We are solution-oriented. We think outside of the beaten tracks and we are not afraid of (unexpected) surprises.

Specialistic approach

We are specialists, no generalists. We know what we are good at, what we want to be best at. Sales, Marketing, and Digital. That’s our territory. Entirely defined.


Building the best connection between one person and the other is critical to success. It is the basis for a strong and successful team. Building those teams is our ultimate goal.


We want to know, understand, and figure out everything that’s on our plate. We keep on asking questions until we exactly know where the desires and frustrations are at. This is essential for making the right connection. Our curiosity is without boundaries.


We know that integrity is of the utmost importance in order to cooperate with (mutual) trust. And to reach the best results.