Join Batenborch.

You are a young professional, you belong to the new generation of potential top executives. Heading towards your future, you aim to furtherly develop your knowledge, qualities, and experiences. You question yourself if you optimally utilise your possibilities. And wonder if, what it is you are doing now, will make you capable of realising your personal and professional ambitions. Perhaps, you are ready for the next step, a step to boosts your career. Curious? Let’s explore together…


"Recognizing and revealing human excellence and accompanying it to the best market challenge is complicated, but terribly rewarding."

DOMINIQUE DIERCKXSENS, Founder Batenborch International

Entrepreneurship is highly valued at Batenborch. We give you all the space to shape your career. Combined with a process of continuous education, mentoring, and feedback, you learn to push your boundaries and to get the best out of yourself, others, and organisations. With the goal to realise valuable connections and durable relations.

Build your own portfolio, manage it from top to bottom. Completely get to know markets and companies. Stay in contact with the best professionals in the market on a daily basis. And discover that the only borders for your possibilities, are your ambitions and enthusiasm.

Therefore, we search entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in heart and soul. Entrepreneurs that recognise the possibilities and are willing to do everything for achieving their goals. Are you capable of building a solid case around a new idea or expertise domain? Then we will support you. With resources, guidance, and lots of enthusiasm.

Get inspired by our consultants, who have started new offices in Europe. Or those who launched new practices within Batenborch by themselves, or those who brought new service propositions to the market. Or by those who have developed new assessment techniques and organised many workshops and events with industry-leaders.

Batenborch can bring you a lot. We help you in building a highly qualitative network in diverse sectors. We learn you to take business responsibility. You will advise prominent companies about their commercial strategy, competences, and the qualifications of their employees. You make the needed business development skills your own and we make sure you will have strong communication skills.

The combination of this makes Batenborch a proven breeding ground for top consultants and successful Sales, Marketing, and Digital professionals.