Executive Search

Our consultants exclusively aim at Sales, Marketing, and Digital propositions from mid- to top management level. Performing by a candidate-driven, pro-active process. Operating within the branches Consumer, Industry, Services, ICT or Healthcare. Domains within which we are the benchmark.


"We focus primarily on the candidate. What are his or her ambitions and how can we help him or her to realise them."

RONALD BOUWMEESTER, Owner Batenborch International

We operate within a niche. And we do this very consciously. This ‘limitation’ is the exact reason why we know everyone, really everyone, within Sales, Marketing, and Digital. We know what runs minds, where ambitions move, dreams change, circumstances alter. This causes us to not only be well aware of the present talent, but to also be capable of anticipating very quickly. And speed is critical in our industry. Therefore we work pro-actively. We continuously are and remain in conversation with people. Even if they are not (yet) busy with a new career step.

For us, it is important that people are at a place where their ambitions can best be realised. This is better for everyone. For the candidate, for our client, and yes, also for Batenborch.

This asks a lot from us. Because it is human work. Everything happens 1 on 1. We truly are constantly busy optimising our network. This puts high demands on our own people. Passion, entrepreneurship, the will to win. The ingredients that are present in the luggage of every Batenborcher.

Executive Search

At Batenborch, it is always about the combination of quality and speed. We bring in the best possible people. People who perform, who have the right skills and competences, who optimally integrate within organisations. Who keep on growing. But who also want to be challenged. By ambitious companies. Companies that bring out the best in these people, that allow them to stand strong.

We do not only deliver on quality, we also do it as quickly as possible. Because we know speed is crucial. Because of our functional specialisation, sector focus and international network, we can save time, energy and costs in searching, recruiting, and integrating commercial professionals. We guarantee this. With a 12-month guarantee on successful integration.

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