We are Batenborch

We have one goal in mind: to bring out the best in people. This is possible when you get to know people through and through. Therefore, we approach them pro-actively. We discover their qualities and know when they’re ready for a new step.
This approach allows us to offer the best advice. And to realize the best possible connection.

We are go-getters. With an unstoppable urge to win. Bringing out the best in ourselves, in organizations, and above all, in people.
We are the executive search and interim-management specialist par excellence. And exclusively for commercial functions.

Our executive search and interim management consultants exclusively aim at Sales, Marketing, and Digital propositions from mid- to top management level. The interim management specialists are also focused on HR issues. We’re operating within the branches Consumer, Industry, Services, ICT or Healthcare. And active in a territory where we are the best. Without any concessions.

We are Batenborch. Competent, driven, decisive.
From human to human.

We are Batenborch

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