Revealing Human Excellence.

Batenborch International is your international partner in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Digital Recruitment, Executive Search and Interim Management across Europa & Africa. Performing by a candidate-driven, pro-active process. Operating within the branches Consumer, Industry, Services, ICT or Healthcare.

We are Batenborch

We have one goal in mind: to bring out the best in people. This is possible when you get to know people through and through. Therefore, we approach them pro-actively. We discover their qualities and know when they’re ready for a new step. This approach allows us to offer the best advice. And to realize the best possible connection.

We are go-getters. With an unstoppable urge to win. Bringing out the best in ourselves, in organizations, and above all, in people. We are the executive search and interim-management specialist par excellence. And exclusively for commercial functions.

Our executive search and interim management consultants exclusively aim at Sales, Marketing, and Digital. The interim management specialists are also focussed on HR issues. Operating within the branches Consumer, Industry, Services, ICT, and Healthcare. And active in a territory where we are the best. Without any concessions.

We are Batenborch. Competent, driven, decisive.
From human to human.

We are Batenborch

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