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Batenborch is different

What we do: To stand out one has to be unique. That is why we do things differently. A career at Batenborch is unlike any other you might find in an Executive Search company. What characterizes our company culture is creativity, a unique blend of people, passion, entrepreneurship and results.


What we look for in our people is intelligence, drive, and team spirit. Together we create a lively atmosphere that is pragmatic and above all fun. These ingredients  allow our people to grow as an individual and build lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.


No passion, no party. Batenborch staff share a passion for what they do. What drives them is a desire to achieve, as an individual, but also for he client, the candidate and the team. Passion is key and makes you leave your mark.


Everyone claims to deliver results, but our results are different, they stand out because of  their impact on progress and competitive advantage. Only measurable results will turn you into a genuine leader and make our clients even more successful companies.


Status quo is not our cup ot tea, we generate progress, push boundaries and transform the amazing into the extraordinary. We regard every challenge as an opportunity, and we reward people who share this view. That is what makes people join Batenborch. We help professionals develop their career. We are the liaison officer between your skills and some of the best companies in the world. Our assets : a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and culture, your career aspirations, expectations and experience.

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