How to attract and retain top talent?

In the past years, there has been a shift from lifelong employment to changing jobs more rapidly. Currently there is a shortage in the labor market which makes it more important to retain top professionals in organizations. What can companies do to retain their top talent and make sure that people will stay in the company for a long time?

Creating the right employment conditions and benefits are key to retain top talent. This article will elaborate on what kind of conditions and benefits could be applied by organizations.

Creating Personal Commitment

The first thing an organization can do to retain top talent is to create personal commitment to the organization. It is important to ask employees what they want, instead of just assuming what they want. This can be done through surveys about changes or introductions that are coming up and how to handle these. In this way, employees feel they are heard and have an influence on the policies. Focusing on the team and on the collaboration between the employees increases the sense of commitment to the organization as well. Praising the unique talents and strengths of each individual in the team, makes sure that every employee feels valued. If people are involved in the organization and feel appreciated for their strengths, they are more likely to be connected to the organization and feel like they are contributing to the success.

Learning Budgets

Another way to retain top talent in your organization is making learning budgets for personal development and career development available.  Such stimulations do lead towards higher perceptions of stimulation and motivation, but more important is the factor of continuous self-development. Because of this, professionals feel challenged and motivated to be better. Learning initiatives have a positive influence on the results of the employees and thereby, also a positive effect on the strategic goals of the organization. The learning initiatives can also ensure that the organization can respond more quickly to developments and changes in the market, as you can update the skills and knowledge of the employees.


Next to this, an important benefit for employees is flexibility. Flexibility about working elsewhere and work schedules. During Covid-19 people were forced to work at home and thereby were getting used to working remotely. Now the world is open again, but Covid-19 has shown that it is possible to work at home and deliver the same results. By being flexible in the work schedules, which means choosing when you work and where you work, increases work-life balance and reduces stress.

Sports to increase productivity

Finally, the possibility to exercise or to make use of a sports subscription for employees is something that keeps individuals healthy. Obviously exercising makes you physically fit, but it can also benefit mental health. The right balance between being busy and sufficient recharging moments is important to keep employees  wellbeing as high as possible. Next to this, exercising on a regular basis has a positive effect on productivity. Organizing sports during work hours may increase productivity and the sense of belonging to the team.