How to keep on winning in 2023 – Marketing

The last quarter of the year has already started and thereby the (marketing) strategies for 2023 are developed. Which marketing trends are going to be visible in 2023? In this article we will elaborate on these different trends and developments, which will be crucial to succeed next year.

Conversational Marketing

The first trend in marketing that came forward through our network is conversational marketing, which is about having a conversational-driven approach. Conversational marketing can be used to set up the customer service department in a faster way. One way to do this is to use smart chatbots which can engage with the customers on your website. This takes away the longer responding time of the classic e-mail approach.

Cookieless Era

Another trend that came to our attention for 2023 will encompass the “cookieless era”. This trend started already this year, but is developing more rapidly. The cookieless era began as the web browsers Firefox and Safari blocked third party cookies. Currently, Google Chrome is going to block these cookies as well. This going to be a tough cookie for al the digital marketeers, as the block makes it harder to target specific customers online. As it is a privacy issue, digital marketeers need to form their own data insight capabilities to make sure the privacy of their customers is protected.

User Experience

Next to this, there will be an increase of focus on User Experience (UX). After the beginning of Covid-19, the shift to digital was in the fast lane. Therefore, the customer journey is becoming more data driven than ever. It is important for any website to stand out and to be different from the others. In this way, your product or service is easier to remember. Customers expect a personalized experience that is in line with their needs and thereby will connect them to the brand. Therefore UX design has to take into account all small interactions. These interactions guide the consumer to their online journey. As smartphones and other devices are developing rapidly, this has to be taken into account in developing your UX strategy as this has an influence on how accessible your UX design is.

Personalized E-mailmarketing

The already existing trend of e-mailmarketing continues into 2023. As a big part of society has an e-mail which they use daily, it is an easy usable channel to connect with your target audience. Personalized e-mail campaigns will become the center of this trend  and these campaigns respond to the wants and needs of the customers. In this way, it is easier for customers to feel connected to your brand and this will enhance customer engagement.

Influencer Marketing & Branded Content

The final trend is the focus on influencer marketing and branded content. With the rise of TikTok last year and the other social media channels, this is still an important focus in 2023. Customers are more inclined to buy products if they trust the brand or person that is using/recommending it. Branded content can include podcasts, video’s, posts on social media, etc. These collaborations and content can drive sales and engagement. As influencer marketing is not a new trend, there will be more emphasis on brand ambassadors to increase brand awareness and to increase trust in the brand in a long-term collaboration.