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Batenborch wants to be

the most TRUSTED

name in Marketing & Sales

Recruitment and

Interim Management

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Meet our Consultants:


Batenborch is all about people and their interaction. Our colleagues stay aboard for many years because of the rewarding relationships that  they develop. Notwithstanding their different backgrounds, our people have important traits in common.  They are all :


PASSIONATE about for what they do

SUPPORTIVE towards each other

COLLABORATIVE, sharing their experience, insights and and knowledge

RESPECTFULL towards each other, learning from differences in background, style and vision

– ENTREPRENEURS, not afraid to take a risk, eager to carve their own path

– LEADERS, who spot unique possibilities and do all it takes to find support to realize their project.


If you can build a solid case to attract new clients, to launch a new practice, to transform the way we work or achieve the unthinkable, we will provide you with the resources, the guidance and enthusiasm to make it happen.

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