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Batenborch wants to be

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Every successful company in the world was founded by someone who had vision and the will to make it a reality. Only real entrepreneurs can make a difference. They are not afraid to take a risk and want to carve their own path. Batenborch provides the environment in which those ambitions are stimulated and promising ideas are nurtured.


We look for people that are willing and able to look further than the reality at hand. Leaders who see unique possibilities and do everything it takes to find support to realize their project. If you can make a solid case to create a new area of knowledge, add a client, launch a new practice, transform the way we work or achieve the unthinkable, we will provide you with the resources, the guidance and enthusiasm to make it happen.


A grasp amongst the achievements of Batenborch consultants :

  • Opening of new offices around the world
  • set-up of a new practice (interim management)
  • Development of new techniques in candidate assessment
  • implementation of a new international ERP
  • numerous workshops and surveys with captains of industry…

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