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Joining the troops of Batenborch is joining a band of brothers (it's an expression :-) as we support inclusion, gender neutrality and equality) that was created 30 years ago in Belgium and that has expanded internationally ever since.
These brothers in arms share the same passion for :
- sales and marketing;
- professionalism & precision;
- personal development & growth;
- and fun.

The natural habitat of the Batenborch gladiator is to be found in the most beautiful premises where they practice and grow their skills and talents every day, in a multicultural environment that relies on trust, feedback and entrepreneurship.

Batenborch gladiators are trained to become specialists in Sales, Marketing & Digital executive search. This niche focus differentiates them and allows them to set up an exhaustive network, to better benchmark and become experts in their craftsmanship.


Batenborch gladiators' mission is noble; they build bridges and aqueducts. They see it as their honorable duty to help sales and marketing legionaries with coaching and advice. The same applies to the commercial emperors who they have a long term partnership with. Batenborch gladiators aim to be their trusted partner in the development of their commercial empire.

In a fast-track training program, Batenborch gladiators stretch their limits, develop crucial competences in sales and marketing battling and grow a set of personal hard and soft skills. It's the goal of Batenborch to train the best gladiators in the colosseum, to develop their own careers with a tailor-made learning and fighting path and to reinforce their armor.

Imagine that you could have C-level emperor contacts and negotiations at the age of an iuvenis? In the Batenborch colosseum it's possible! Yet, Batenborch gladiators try to stay humble, down to earth and hard workers, and they lift each other up to the Mount Olympus. Together, they create opportunities and make things happen!

The gladiators' mission:
First of all, a gladiator needs to know how to anticipate: the needs of our emperors, reactions of legionaries, the (r)evolutions on the Forum. Keeping that in mind, it's important to listen carefully and ask the right questions to deliver the best consulting.
Batenborch gladiators push boundaries and explore the world. They conquer new grounds and discover new people, cultures and horizons every day. They are here to develop their competences like impact in communication, priority setting and time management. You want to know where to be when the battle begins, right?
Their most important task is their commercial role and impacting others. Convincing emperors to choose for Batenborch, convincing legionaries to explore new careers. They build the most strategic commercial alliances and build the best possible careers for legionaries, future emperors.


What does it take to become a Batenborch gladiator?
Batenborch is a boutique amphitheater that is personality and talent minded. What does it take to be an applicant?
" You have a minimum of a Master's degree;
" You are fluent in Dutch, English and French (Latin is just a nice to have. :);
" You have the passion and the will to fight for better sales and marketing legionaries.

In contrast with their fighting spirit, empathy is the main color of the Batenborch battles. Gladiators adapt their way of fighting and communication to the emperors they're dealing with.

Which trophies are in it for Batenborch gladiators?
" You'll get the chance to work in an amphitheater that has the size of an SME, but which is at the same time internationally active in 5 countries.
" You'll work with a troop of co-gladiators who will stretch you each day to fully reach your potential.
" You'll be part of an open, transparent feedback culture.
" You'll get the chance to work in a fairytale setting, with a castle (no joke) and a huge park around it.
" You'll get the chance to shape your professional future in a casual, yet professional corporate environment.
" You'll start with a personal development plan where all your strengths get enforced and your weaknesses become neutralized.
" You'll get notoriety in the Belgian sales and marketing circles.

Throw your spear, catch up with us and discover our amphitheater.

Batenborch International is your international partner in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Digital Recruitment, Executive Search and Interim Management across Europa & Africa. Operating with a candidate-driven, pro-active approach. Active in Consumer, Industry, Services, ICT and Healthcare

Executive search consultant

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  • Fonction : Account/Key Acc Mgr.
  • Secteur : HR Services
  • Lieu : belgium