Batenborch Case Studies

As Sales, Marketing and Digital specialists within Consumer, Industry, Healthcare Services & ICT environments, we are a strategic partner to our clients. Any obstacle in your plans, setback in your results or mistake in your approach, starts and ends with the quality of your people. It can be the cause, but it is always the solution.

To illustrate, we would be happy to invite you into a little piece of Batenborch’s daily activities, as well as our contribution to your solution.

Sales Manager – Services

For instance, Batenborch has a proven track record in bringing an organization to doing something they have not done before. This could be entering a new market, but surely also marketing a new product within the same market. A great example of this, is found in an internationally listed financial services provider. Their new business model is shaped by descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions. The combination of these, has allowed them to gather extensive data of the market, of which they ultimately created an entirely new proposition based on Business Information.

With companies being so good at what they do, it is easy to look where you have always looked. Yet, if you try to do something different, that is exactly what you should do. With our extensive knowledge of our market, consisting of skilled professionals from top of the bill companies, we were able to meet them in the middle. We advised the business on how to shape the role and, more importantly, which capabilities and competences to look for, before bringing in the exact person they needed to succeed.

Digital Marketing Manager – Consumer

Another skill of Batenborch becomes apparent when organizations are in a state of excessive growth. Either through the acquisition or creation of a new business unit, or by going through the well-known “scale-up phase” in their lifecycle. One of our beloved consumer clients went through the latter when they realized they needed a specific addition to their team. When you disrupt an existing, and rather satisfied, market with a new product, you need a strong commercial force. Particularly, when you realize that your network of influencers is “accidentally” promoting your business.

To really put a fundament underneath all commercial activities, they needed a weathered marketeer to start with creating awareness, but knows how a deal is sealed and a purchase is made. Particularly, digital marketing and e-commerce were points of attention and new territory to the business. We formed an extension of the business, by injection our knowledge of knowing where to find the right people, whilst keeping in mind how important a fit in personality is. Not everyone thrives in a scale-up environment with a “work hard, play hard” mindset. Needless to say, we brought this person in and the company is growing steadier than before.

To summarize, our experience in the field for over 30 years, has led us to being adaptable to any situation, structure and challenge within our specialization. Whether it is growth, change, new, established, scale-up or corporate, we are certain we could be of value to you as well!

Looking for a partner that always delivers? Or simply want to exchange thought on a strategic matter of your own?

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