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Passion for Sales & Marketing

is our catalyst and

makes us go the

extra mile.

We focus on what

we do and know best,

to get you to your goal.


Sales & Marketing is the fuel for growth. It is also our passion, it is why, together, we achieve  the unachievable. We truly focus on your goal.


We fish your perfect match out of the ocean of talent or help you catch the perfect career wave.

For true results we work by sector.
We split the market into 5 main practices : Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industry, Services and ICT.

Each sector has its specific needs, with which we are intimately familiar.

This sector expertise allows us to  make the most of your experience.

Or suggest a change in direction towards a sector which could be a better fit for you.

Long-term relationships are build on trust
We invest a lot in getting to know the men and women that make their mark in sales and marketing.

We want to earn your trust and build long-term relationships. Because what goes around, comes around.

Batenborch will only show you the other side of the fence if the grass is truly greener over there. We know the value of your potential and help you to maximize it as your career coach.

Understanding what makes each company tick
Our client portfolio is particularly wide.  Company heads that entrust us with an assignment appreciate the quality and knowledge of our network.

They appreciate our willingness to absorb the cultural and personal environment in which you will work and welcome our suggestions for facilitation of your integration.

Our international approach enhances your possibilities
Companies are increasingly active across borders and across the globe. Our international expansion reflects our aim to satisfy the changing needs of our clients. Through our different locations in Europe we have a wide view of the best opportunities.
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