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Batenborch wants

to be the most TRUSTED name

in Marketing & Sales

Recruitment and

Interim Management.



Based on our rich history, Batenborch will become a sustainable European organization, widely recognized as a top player in the recruitment of Sales & Marketing professionals.


We will live up to the highest standards in ethics, professionalism and respect.


We will strive to achieve profitable growth in an environment that puts people first. We value the contribution of each individual and want to create balance on every level. We stimulate all members of our network to develop their full potential and we reward enthusiasm with trust and support.


Our international team will continue to provide excellent services in Executive Search, Recruitment and Interim Management.


Batenborchers are recognized as experts by their peers. We are specialists working for specialists, and we value each and every contact in our market. Therefore we  exceed customer expectations.

We are a sexy company, with a strong brand name, sound management and value the desire to keep evolving.

Candidate Driven
We strongly believe that the key of our success is the quality of our relationship with candidates and the ability to bring them in contact with great organizations.
Result Driven
We always start with the final result in mind and never loose sight of it until the task is perfectly accomplished.
Passion for Winning
We believe in people who have the drive to succeed, the will to compete and the stamina to demand more of themselves than of others.
A business opportunity is worthless if it requires putting one’s integrity at stake. Ethics always come first: honesty, discretion, openness, objectiveness and plain old hard work.
Personal Growth
Batenborch’s reason of existence is the creation of opportunities for amazing individuals. We stimulate people with zest and encourage them to stretch their dreams.
Team Work
An individual can accomplish a lot, but only interaction  can create real firework. Our team shares decades of wisdom and experience, which are put into action daily to ensure the development of our candidates and customers.
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