Advances in biological and medical research continue to expand the frontiers of life sciences knowledge, blurring divisions that once separated pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, and healthcare systems and insurers. Our consultants understand the trends that are reshaping the industry and help clients recruit commercial executives with the right qualifications, leadership traits and cultural fit.


Life sciences companies must innovate and reach new markets. To ensure operational efficiency amid pricing pressure, decreasing reimbursement levels and soaring R&D costs. Experienced, creative leaders with broad operational skills and the ability to articulate a strong vision are more in demand than ever.

Our consultants understand how convergence is shaping the opportunities and challenges facing today’s life sciences companies. The best commercial executive talent will  be need to compete in this new environment.


  • Human Health – Ethical’s
  • Medical Devices
  • OTC
  • Animal Health
  • Capital Equipment
  • Bio-Pharma