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Batenborch wants to be

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Your background


We believe in people who have the drive to succeed, the will to compete and the stamina to demand more of themselves than of others.  Our future together is what matters most, not your background.

The main ingredient we look for in an aspirant Batenborcher is passion for Sales, Marketing and Digital .

If you can add a profound education and worthwhile experience, you’re already halfway. But to really succeed, you need to excel in analytical thinking and be permeated by the will to get results.

High potential graduates

Experienced sales or marketeers


Batenborch trains excellent consultants!

We designed a development path based on the apprentice model. Experienced people guide and inspire less experienced colleagues, which benefits team cohesion, mutual respect and a steep learning curve. Regardless of your background, we are committed to help you reach your full potential. In other words, we are committed to help you build your career.


Career Progression


Batenborch is synonym for flexibility. Our culture lets you pursue your passions and shape your own career. Continuous training, mentoring and feedback are key elements in our philosophy. You will learn, teach, inspire and push boundaries to deliver enduring results for our clients and build up your own portfolio.


At Batenborch individual growth is driven by performance, not tenure. There is no predesigned career path or predictable evolution. We believe in recognizing and rewarding achievements. Your development will be as unique as you are yourself.


Our leaders grow from within, via a unique graduate scheme. All our colleagues follow a customized, structured training program. Our own Senior Managers, who followed this path, are proof of our policy’s success.




At Batenborch we learn by doing. But doing requires coaching ! We do not throw our colleagues in the deep unprepared. We have developed a very powerful and inspiring culture of mentorship, where seniors share their experience.


A new consultant can expect between five to eight weeks of training in the first two years. Training begins on the first day of service, and will be gradually reinforced through permanent assessments.


Each consultant receives a comprehensive interview and technology training, covering all aspects of the recruitment profesion. In total we provide 38 modular workshops of one or two days. The possibilities are countless and only limited by your enthusiasm and personal ambitions.

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