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The 5 key human Uniquenesses to differentiate from robots and A.I.

human uniquenesses

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human uniquenesses

Oxford University and MIT are forecasting the extinction of more than 40% of current jobs because of the rising of robots. This will mainly  impact collars as the  expansion of Artificial Intelligence will impact white collars.

The question is not anymore if the history will reverse the influence between the South and North but what will be the functions of the majority of human beings in the near future.

We would like to highlight 5 key skills which make the difference between living beings and that no artificial intelligence or robot can achieve at the same level as humans and AI:

  1. ‘Inner and shared” instinct and energy: This is our best skill, dashboard, tool to make decision in each situation of our private or business life. It could be  your individual (inner) or collective (shared) instinct which feel the response of your body to issues.  Are you still listening to your inner voice?
  2. Purpose, conviction, faith & trust: The skill to freel this value allow us to develop long term relationships and cooperate with other human beings. How could we replace impulses between humans by “simulated impulses” of a robot?
  3. Optimism, passion, humor and fun:  This is the taste, the color, the smell of the life. The pleasure is a key to open relationships and even to unlock the mind to learn and create new connexions between different pieces of knowledge. Let’s be marvelous and candid as a child.
  4. Empathy, authenticity & inter-beings emotions: Feeling of emotions cannot be summarized by detection of medical parameters. For example: human beings can feel ‘subtle tensions between humans in a room’.
  5. Alliances builing, Inspiring relations, Synchronicity between human beings: Close your eyes and remeber one “event in perfect synchronicity” of your life between you and someone else. That  magic that co-creates and expand energy represents  our emotions.

Cultivate and develop these 5 inner resources should be the west way not to become robots or transhuman, and to find the right balance and distances between us and rthe robots in order to focus only on the progress they can bring to people.

Now seriously – look back on these 5 differences – knowing that robots and computers will NOT foster them . Do you still believe blindly in IT, data, digital, robtisation? Are you truly ready to sell your soul to it?

You must be kidding. Any true leader knows that these are the keys tu fulfilment of people and of companies.



Dominique Dierckxsens

Batenborch International



CEO Batenborch International. Passion for Sailing, Architecture, Design.

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