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Job interview with a recruiter or a line manager? Here’s the difference

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An external recruiter and internal line manager will ask different questions. While their goal is the same (to make the company they work for more successful), their approach to job interviews differs.

Job Interviews with Different Angles

Recruiters and line managers have their own way of tackling a job interview. An external recruiter from an executive search agency examines whether an applicant’s overall skills and personality traits match the job profile, whereas a line manager also asks specific questions to gauge the candidate’s product and market knowledge. After all, line managers know their company and products/service inside out. The candidate will, in the end, be a part of their team. Therefore, they are the best judge to determine whether the candidate will fit the position.

Following up after Recruitment

A recruiter’s job usually ends once a new employee has been found and recruited (although Batenborch is an exception, since we make sure that the candidate properly integrates in his/her first year at the job). Line managers personally follow up on the progress of their recruits on the job. Through performance interviews and other follow-up techniques, a line manager closely monitors how well their newly recruited talents integrate and evolve. In order to properly execute this delicate matter, additional training may be required.

Recruitment Strategy = Teamwork

An optimal recruitment strategy relies on a smooth collaboration between the recruiter and the line manager. Line managers provide more insight into a company’s goals and needs as well as the department and position in question, while an external executive search agency comes with an objective view and expertise, which is a major added value to the organization. Combined, they ensure a seamless recruitment process, enabling you to not only attract better qualified staff but also to carry out a more thorough screening process. Such a collaboration can lead to increased employee retention. Both parties, in other words, contribute to the success of your business in their own unique way.

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