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Executive Search: A Sector-specific Approach to Finding New Talent

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Not everyone is suited to carry out a top-level role in your company. After all, you’re looking for candidates with specific skills and valuable experience in the field; in other words, talent who can take your company to a higher level. Usually these are high-potential candidates who, unfortunately, aren’t actively looking for new career opportunities. Executive search provides the solution.

Reaching unreachable candidates

Executive search lets you reach top-level talents, even when they’re not actively on the lookout for a new job. The best candidates tend to already hold comfortable positions in solid organisations. By approaching them directly, however, they may well consider taking a new step in their career. Add a few extras, such as challenging clients or an attractive business culture and you just might be able to persuade them.

Perfectly suited to the job

However, candidates for top-level jobs need more than a specific set of skills to add value to your organisation. Evidently, they need to have a strong personality as well. Executive search lets you filter candidates according to those personality and intrinsic qualities that are most in line with your business culture. Are you specifically looking for a charismatic sales manager, a flexible project manager or just someone with exceptional knowledge of the market? Compared to a standard application procedure executive search is a much more focused medium to fill top-level sales positions.

Executive search saves time over the short and long term

Most companies agree that searching for talent with specific skills and qualities is a time-consuming process. Executive search, by contrast, lets you skip many steps of the standard application procedure. In-depth screening is outsourced and dozens of job interviews are whittled down to three or four. Executive search also saves you valuable time over the long term. By recruiting someone with specific skills for the job, you will need to spend less time on additional courses and training. On the contrary – in the best scenario, your new recruit will also be able to teach your existing employees a thing or two. Do you want your company to maximize its potential in the shortest time possible? Executive search will bring you into contact with nothing but candidates who are perfectly suited to take on the job.

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Managing Director Netherlands at Batenborch International.