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Competency Management in Sales and Marketing – character before skills

competency management

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The sales and marketing sector requires special skills. These include, for instance, the flexibility to respond to clients’ constantly changing needs. However, there are other qualities that sales and marketing experts have to possess – qualities that cannot always be learnt. Here is an overview.

Who has sales in their DNA?

Traditional skills no longer make for a good sales rep. Would you like to put together a team that lives and breathes sales? Then you should look for more specific character traits. Keep your eyes open for commercial talent with the following qualities:

  • He/she is a go-getter
  • He/she has his/her emotions under control
  • He/she does not hesitate to talk about money
  • He/she has a thick skin
  • He/she is realistic and tactful

Marketing competencies – target character

Although marketing managers can do without pure sales skills per se, they do need a certain amount of creativity. While forced brainstorming exercises can stimulate your creative thinking process up to a certain point, they are no match for a true-born marketing talent. That is why you should search for marketing employees who have these three competencies.

  • A creative brain that never rests
  • An inspiring personality
  • An action-focused mentality

Competencies that relate to a candidate’s behaviour and mindset are just as important as specific skills or experience in the sales and marketing sector. So, first and foremost, you should look for unique characters.

Competency profile for your organisation

Which core competencies do you emphasise when it comes to your organisation as a whole? Analyse and measure your most successful employees and work out which character traits predominate in your business culture. You can then apply these insights to your employer branding activities. A genuine match between your new employee and the rest of your team is priceless.

Do you need help searching for the right sales or marketing talent? Feel free to contact us, we’re glad to help.

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