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What’s Your Candidate’s Motivational DNA? Ask and Observe!

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For one candidate, a high salary is the best motivation there is, while the other attaches more importance to a great team atmosphere. To snare top talent for your company, you need to know what motivates the candidates you interview. No idea how to go about it? It’s easier than you think.

Observe during the job interview

You learn a lot about a candidate’s intrinsic motivation by thoroughly analysing how they answer interview questions. What drives their enthusiasm? What gives them the most satisfaction? Someone applying for a sales job may get fresh energy from landing a big client, while a marketing professional probably gets a tremendous boost from seeing their very own campaign appear in the media.

However, non-verbal communication is a rich seam of information as well. A candidate who breaks out into a wide smile when you mention extra responsibilities over the long term, likely places great importance on opportunities to develop and grow. Job interviews are, in other words, a great chance to get an overall picture of what truly interests your new talent.

Or just ask them what motivates them

It’s not the generation gap, but rather the communication gap which prevents employers from learning about their employees’ opinions and ambitions. The best way to discover what motivates a candidate? Simply asking them in most cases gives you more information than complicated analyses ever could. No applicant is going to give you a funny look if you candidly ask them about their intrinsic motivation.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to sound out a candidate about their extrinsic motivation as well. Does the candidate place great value on a nice company car or are they more inclined to step up their game if there’s a bonus on the horizon? Once you have a clear idea of a candidate’s goals it’s easier to consider whether the person will fit in well with your team, and to match remuneration to their motivation.

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