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Disruptive Innovation: Why Everything Starts with your Staff

disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation has evolved in record time from a buzz word into a necessary process for enterprises to survive. But what does disruptive innovation mean exactly? And how can you implement it in your own organization? Above all, closely involving your employees is a must. In fact, disruptive innovation is impossible without disruptive employees. This article discusses the main points of attention and shares advice on how to recruit disruptive talent.

What is disruptive innovation?

Disruption or disruptive innovation is not a short-lived trend. It refers to – mostly small – companies using limited resources to outshine their competitors. Innovating their way to the top, these companies turn their respective sectors upside-down. Meanwhile, traditional companies are less flexible. They focus on their most profitable products and, thus, struggle to compete with disruptive companies. Disruptive newcomers offer better and newer products and services, often at a lower price. Frequently mentioned examples of disruptors are Uber, PayPal, and Airbnb.

Disruptive staff wanted

And the established market players? They stand around and watch… Although they are stepping up their game as we speak. Because disruptive innovation is not exclusive to small market players and start-ups. Large enterprises, too, can be disruptive. Still, disruptive innovation requires a thorough change of mentality, especially on staff level, because it are your employees who experience the field first-hand on a daily basis. They know the company and its products through and through.
Disruptive employees are able to color outside the lines and are not afraid to think out loud. They are creative and inventive no matter the pressure they’re under, and sense trends and developments in the sector well ahead. Team leaders and managers, then, should not be hesitant to stimulate all these different insights and opinions, and put them to the test.

Targeted recruitment is key

Turning your business into a disruptive enterprise not only involves your current employees, you will also need to recruit a new wave of disruptive talent, both junior and senior. Your recruitment process should assess each candidate’s creativity and views on innovation, as well as their ability to initiate and handle change. Evidently, it is also vital that you as their employer are open to new and innovative ideas.

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