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Recruitment in 2017: Trends and Predictions

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Thanks to new technologies, all sectors of the economy encounter the effects of disruptive innovation. Executive search seizes this opportunity to do an even better job at filling vacancies. The following trends – technological and other – will dominate the world of recruitment in 2017.

Recruitment and Executive Search in 2017

  • Until a couple of years ago, outsourcing was mainly restricted to the field of IT. Today, however, there is a high demand for specific, strategic profiles in marketing, sales and digital as well. Specialists in big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital marketing are at the top of the most-wanted list.
  • Highly specialized departments are often no longer headed by an insider, but by an interim manager. In Sales & Marketing, interim management has become a challenging career move for ambitious managers, as well as the ideal solution for organizations looking for a more efficient approach to change management.
  • Employer branding is another unmistakable trend. Companies attract ambitious experts by consciously creating an attractive employer image. 83 percent of recruiters say talent acquisition has become their company’s top priority.
  • Trendwatchers expect that executive search consultants and HR-specialists will start putting data analysis to maximum use in 2017, for example during assessments. Smart algorithms and standardized methods are already making it possible for talent finders to better assess the suitability of their candidates. Digitization and automation are making inroads in recruitment itself as well: think of executive search through mobile apps and even Instant Messaging.
  • According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends report, recruiters are committed to diversity. Another focal point is assessing soft skills such as social and communication skills. Because these soft skills are increasingly important, talented recruiters remain key to create added value.

Expectations for the Future

What does 2017 hold for executive search? 56 percent of recruiters expects the answer to be more vacancies. Sales, operations and engineering top the list of most-wanted profiles.

The economy will offer recruiters numerous chances in 2017, primarily because the European economy will recover. The Brexit and the inauguration of President Trump have turned the market upside down. The cards have been reshuffled and unique opportunities for disruptive innovation are being created.

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