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Becoming a Batenborch Recruitment Consultant

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Our sales and marketing experts have a clear understanding of our customers’ field as well as their business strategy and company culture. Our experts are continuously in contact with high potentials in sales and (digital) marketing. This makes it possible for them to coach promising candidates to reach higher levels. As a Batenborch Recruitment Consultant, your goal is to match the ambitions of applicants to the needs of a company, and vice versa.

The profile of a Recruitment Consultant

As a Batenborch Recruitment Consultant, you will be joining an exquisite team of experts. Simply put, your job is to connect applicants and companies. But that’s not all: your responsibilities entail so much more. Perhaps more than you imagined.

  • You are resourceful and have an extensive network in sales, marketing and digital.
  • You excel in advising and coaching new and existing candidates. You help them realize their ambitions. You maintain good relations with a vast database of sales and marketing talents.
  • You guide applicants through the entire recruitment process. You give advice on their résumé and interview, and give feedback after the initial contact with the client. If a candidate’s expectations are too high, it is your task to reconcile their expectations with reality.
  • You are in constant contact with companies, familiarizing yourself with their business, their company culture, their needs, their goals and ambitions, … You know the ins and outs of the recruiting business, thanks to your own experience and expertise.

Skills and requirements

Batenborch is an international and innovative executive search specialist. Each and every one of our Recruitment Consultants is an expert in sales, marketing and digital. We are passionate about recruitment and know all about the latest trends in our target markets (Consumer Goods, Services, Industry, Healthcare and IT). Batenborch Consultants are always able to find the right people with the right talent.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical recruiter’. Each Batenborch Recruitment Consultant comes from a different background, although we do share some crucial skills and abilities. We all hold a university degree and have acquired a vast experience in the field of sales, marketing and digital.

A successful Recruitment Consultant possesses several important qualities. He or she is:

  • goal-oriented,
  • communicative,
  • entrepreneurial,
  • flexible and resilient,
  • persevering,
  • and has an acute understanding of business.

Job Opportunities for Recruitment Consultants

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