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3 Ways to Make Your Recruitment Process More Efficient

recruitment process

A timely, well-thought-out recruitment process is key when hiring new employees. Carefully streamlining this process is the only way to attract top talent to your organization. These three tips will help you make your recruitment process more efficient and effective.

1. The profile: knowledge, skills, ambitions

Every recruitment process starts with clearly lining out expectations. What kind of profile are you looking for? Which skills do you value? Which personality traits do you have in mind? These questions will guide you through the entire recruitment procedure.

As you may already know, focusing on hard skills alone won’t get you far. Instead, you should be on the lookout for a mix of knowledge, skills and ambitions. A candidate’s overall attitude, soft skills, values and ambitions all play an equally important part. Will the applicant go the extra mile to attain their business goals? What kind of leader are they? Will they guide your entire team to the top?

Include all the relevant parties – not just HR – when you draw up a profile. Only then can you truly know the skills needed to attain the goals of the department or project.

2. Selection: everyone involved should play their part

Once the assignment is clear, you can start contacting your network, and make a first selection. Candidates will apply through various channels. When it comes to filling very specific vacancies in Sales & Marketing, it may be useful to draw on the services of our experts.

Furthermore, it is certainly worth your while to include different departments and people in the recruitment process, assigning specific roles to them. The HR department, for example, can explain your organizational structures and company culture to the applicants, while the line manager can talk about the challenges at hand. The general manager can be called upon to assess the applicant’s future prospects with the company.

This implies, however, that everyone should be on the same page. Everyone involved in the recruitment process should know which profiles you are looking for and which role they themselves have to fulfill, from start to finish. To get everyone up to speed, training, non-stop communication and a solid methodology are indispensable. In other words, effective recruiting requires a streamlined process.

3. Evaluation: expertise required

An executive search partner like Batenborch helps your company make its recruitment process more efficient and effective. Professional executive search results in more eligible applicants who tick more boxes and are a better fit for the company culture. Our consultants know all about your sector and its demands, which enables them to better evaluate candidates. We know the world of sales, marketing and digital inside out, and are experts in Consumer Goods, Services, IT, Industry and Healthcare.

Are you looking for a professional partner to turn your recruitment process into a success? Contact us for tailor-made advice.

Lebinh Luc
Written by
Senior Practice Manager B2B at Batenborch International.

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