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Batenborch Conquers Morocco – A throwback to a strategic move


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1 . Morocco

Morocco (official name: The Kingdom of Morocco) lies in the Maghreb region of North Africa and is the gateway to the African continent. The political capital is Rabat, but the country’s largest city and economical heart is Casablanca. Therefore it should not come as a surprise why Batenborch International chose this exciting location for its newest subsidiary.

With over 30 million inhabitants – of which circa half belongs to the active population-   Morocco is a thriving place offering plenty of opportunities. In 2012 the country’s GDP was worth over $95 billion and is expected to continue to increase over the next couple of years. The country’s most important sector is the service sector, followed by industry and agriculture respectively.

2. The Right Place at the Right Time

The above introduction proves that Morocco has many interesting assets, but maybe the question remains:

“Why choose Morocco and why now?”

The first reason why Batenborch International has chosen Morocco is because of its location on the globe. The African continent is the world’s next growth place with 1 billion people and the 2nd largest telecom market. In addition, statistics demonstrate a steady development of the internal market. Secondly, Morocco has proven to be the first-choice location for companies looking to develop an African hub and the country is now also a growing  EMEA hub.

When analyzing current socio-economical trends, we see various factors contributing to Morocco’s success:

1. Increase of the African middle class:

  • Development Consumer Goods
  • Development Urbanism and associate services
  • Development new HR needs

2. Increase of Moroccan e-commerce:

  • 17 million internet users
  • 3 million smartphones
  • 2nd country in the world in terms of time spent on Facebook

3. Development of export:

  • Green Morocco Plan
  • Morocco Development Plan

Furthermore, Batenborch International’s expansion is in line with current business trends which show big corporate moves to Morocco. An overview:

  •  IBM: R&D, Development (1,600 people)
  • American Express: BPO for European Operations (800 people)
  • Bombardier: New Factory
  • Renault: Factory
  • PSA
  • Danone
  • L’Oréal
  • Wendel
  • Sanofi
  • Deloitte

3. Batenborch Morocco: Vision

 “High-flyers are normally rare. To find one is our passion. That’s what we do”

Dominique Dierckxsens (CEO Batenborch International)

Batenborch International wants to be the most trusted name in Marketing & Sales Recruitment, Executive Search and Interim Management. With this vision in mind  we want to satisfy the Moroccan market which is in need of a more efficient way of recruiting (a need expressed by both companies and candidates) and in so doing become THE reference in Marketing & Sales Recruitment in the Maghreb region and on the African continent.

Batenborch Morocco has the knowledge to build a strong base for Africa’s development.

4. Batenborch Morocco: The team

Just as the other Batenborch International offices, the team in Morocco consists of highly skilled professionals with expertise and experience in one of Batenborch’s five practice areas:

  • Consultant Industry & Services
  • Consultant ICT
  • Consultant FMCG & Health Care

If you are interested in collaborating with the most brilliant sales and marketing recruitment specialist in Europe and soon in Africa and Morocco, get in touch now on .

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