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My Personal Brand (2) – 9 Tips to establish Yourbrand on FACEBOOK


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No long introductions … This is the 2nd article of the “My Personal Brand” series, and the first article that you can find here explains what is a personal brand, why/if you need one and how to start establishing it.

Now everyone knows that Social Media is your most effective way of showcasing yourbrand (Yes, it’s one word just like “yourself”), and it’s free! And when you read social media, instantly pops out Facebook in your mind. Here are some tips about how to use that social media monster effectively to serve yourbrand.

1- Your vanity URL: It is simply the link to your Facebook profile. A long confusing and hard to remember link is automaticallu generated for your profile as soon as it is created, however you need a link people can remember easily and use it whenever they want to reach your profile, instead of typing your name in the search bar and having to go through the similar profiles.

All you have to do is go to after you log in into your account, then you get to choose what you want. It is preferable to use your name in it, like :

If you are lucky enough, you will have a unique first name that no one has used before as a profile vanity URL! (Remember: once you choose your vanity URL, you get only one change to change it)

2- Your privacy settings: Before adjusting your privacy settings you need to answer these questions:

  • What is the image you want to convey about yourbrand?
  • Do all your posts, photos, comments and interactions on Facebook reflect yourbrand?
  • Is what happening on your timeline (friends posting and commenting) something you are comfortable sharing with yourbrand’s potential stakeholders?

After answering these questions, you can simply go to your privacy settings, and adjust Change your privacy settings to strengthen your personal brandaccordingly. It is preferable to make it possible to EVERYONE to contact you, because you should supposedly make yourbrand reachable by all. You can also make friend groups or categories, in each you include the common types of friends you have on Facebook, because obviously you wouldn’t want your cute puppy videos to reach people who are supposed to read your professional articles! (Or maybe you would, we don’t judge).  Remember as well that blocking people is not evil if it serves and protects yourbrand.

3- Photo tagging restrictions: You don’t want your drunk photos to reach your audience and/or your potential employers, this is why you have to  manage the permissions for people to add things to your timeline, see things on your timeline or tags of you that people make. Controlling these settings will allow you to recieve a notification everyone tries to Facebookly “involve” you, and it is not shown on your timeline unless you authorize it.

4- Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo: Most professionals will advise you to add a professional photo (i.e. a BORING one), but come on! this is Facebook, it is personal and fun and you can have anything you like as your profile picture, whether it is your photo at work or one from your last vacation in your bading suit with your friends. Just remember that the profile picture MUST include you, and showcase something about you. Also remember that it’s not OK to have yourself in both your profile pic and cover photo, that’s too narcissistic and attention-whoring, unless you are an aspiring model, then use a full body bikini pic in your cover. Other than that, the cover can be a nice photo with your friends, one from your travels, a quote that represents you or maybe yourself doing something very cool. PLEASE USE HIGH QUALITY FOR THESE, ENOUGH BLURRY PICS FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

5- Add links to your Facebook profile on your other profiles: if its contents adhere to your overall strategy. This way you can raise interest in yourself and what you do. The more people visit your blog or read your thoughts, the stronger your personal brand is. If something does not fit into the brand vision you had, do not link it. Be sure that you do not use the same username or e-mail address for those of the accounts that do not suit your branding needs.

6- Start you own Facebook PAGE or GROUP: that adds a certain value to your audience. Could be a platform to post content, whether its curated or yourbrand’s original, or just a space for conversation (in this case, a group is preferable). Also If you have a significant number of Facebook friends, you can increase it even further more by starting a new page. This way you can promote your business, your interests and of course yourself. By making a group, you will connect with other community members. People who are interested in the same matter will connect with you and your network will be growing organically, as well as your brand. Create more buzz around yourbrand.

7- Start your own Facebook events: Once you have created your Page or Group with a nice amount of followers or members, you can start creating events and inviting people. You may organize physical real life events where people come together for a workshop, a session or just a friendly chit-chat, or make a virtual event where you suggest a certain topic and people join the discussion. This is conversation management at its finest: you have a lot of people contributing and interacting, and it didn’s cost them any time or money. Wanna take it to the next level? Use the outcome of these events/conversations to create original content.

8- Please stop sending game requests/invites to your Facebook friends.

9- Status Updates: On your timeline, your status updates should always serve your personal brand. Quotes, personal experiences, shared photos or anything else you choose to say on your Facebook profile must be aligned with yourbrand. If it’s not, it’s fine, this is why Tip #2 was included in this article.

These are merely broad guidelines, or maybe tips and tricks for your personal Facebook branding, however, it is YOUR Facebook, and you should be totally comfortabel with everything you post. Don’t fake and don’t post bullshit. People detect bullshit easily when it’s posted on Social media.

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